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Adriana Armanni


I have been teaching embroidery in Florence since 1994. I love teaching and I strongly believe that sharing my experience with as many people as possible is the only way to keep the Florentine and Italian tradition of embroidery from dying. I am passionate about studying ancient works and I repeat their techniques, willingly teaching them to the passionate who follow me in the courses.


I wrote some monographs on Embroidery stitches. Latest published in chronological order:

THE PALIOTTO DELL'ANGELO on the frontal by Mirella Bulletti for the Church of San Martino a Strada - Grassina (FI),

THE BEAUTY OF COLOR i n collaboration with Mirella Bulletti.

THE FAZZOLETTI - Short story of a love - by Damiano Pellicano, edited by Adriana Armanni


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Tutti i video

Tutti i video

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